Improvement Pool

Purpose: The objective of this pool is to further increase each athletes work capacity across broad time and modal domains through a competitive pool. Each entrant must sign up, submit $20 cash, and complete all of the WODs by July 20th. Each athlete’s score must be recorded at the gym, noting any modification to load, number of rounds, etc…Two months later, during the week of September 9-14th the same Test WOD’s will again be completed and recorded. Athletes will then be scored on relative improvement and a winner will be determined.
Start Date: July 15th (complete all 4 workouts by Saturday July 20th)
End Date: Week of September 9th-14th
Description: Buy-in is $20 that you will improve more than anyone else in the gym over the next 8 weeks in the workouts. There will be an RX and Non-RX division. RX divisions will require that you can do EVERY movement as prescribed. Scaling of any movement will put you in the Non-RX division.

1st Place wins Prize Pack that will be based on number of people participating

Scoring: The overall winner for the pool will be determined by the athletes with the highest number of points at the end of the pool (CrossFit Games scoring system 1st place 100 pt, 2nd place 95 pts…) . Each WOD will be scored individually based upon percentage of improvement. For example, lets say Workout A involved a set amount of work done for time, and Athlete 1 initially completed the workout in 20:00. Then, Athlete 1 completed the same workout with a time of 15:00. This would be an improvement of 5:00, or 25% off their initial time. This improvement percentage will then be compared to everyone else’s improvement for that workout to determine the number of points earned. Note, points schedule to be determined once registration for the pool has closed. Each athlete’s total score will be the sum of their five scores.

Scaling & Modifying: Scaling and/or modifying the load, number of rounds, repetitions or movement in any of the workouts does NOT exclude or eliminate any athlete from the pool. The only requirement is that each WOD must be completed in the same fashion in the pre-test and post-test. For example, if the prescribed version of Workout A involved 5 rounds of work, but you only completed 3 rounds in the allotted time, you will then perform only 3 rounds of the workout when post-testing. Similarly, if the prescribed load for was for an exercise was 95 pounds but your coach had you use 65 pounds, you would use 65 pounds again the next time you completed the workout.